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Episode 3.4

In the previous video, we learned from the Streamline capture that some parts of the game could contain objects that are too complex for their on-screen size and distance from the camera. In Graphics Analyzer, you can see all the graphics API calls that the application made, and step through them one by one to see how the scene is built. In this video, we'll take a capture with Graphics Analyzer, to explore the scene in more detail.

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 1.1 Introduction to mobile systems  2.1 The Mali GPU family  3.1 Introducing Arm Performance Studio 
 1.2 The rendering pipeline  2.2 Best practice principles for mobile game development  3.2 Performance Advisor
 1.3 GPU architecture  2.3 Frame construction  3.3 Streamline
 1.4 Hardware shader cores  2.4 Engine and API best practices  3.4 Graphics Analyzer
   2.5 Content best practices  3.5 Mali Offline Compiler
   2.6 Shaders best practices  3.6 Frame Advisor