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Capture and analyze a problem frame with Frame Advisor

Frame Advisor provides fast frame analysis for mobile graphics in Android applications. Capture and analyze data from a problem frame to discover what might be slowing down your application or overheating the device. Explore how the frame is constructed, and get comprehensive metrics about the objects in the scene, to uncover ways to optimize performance. Frame Advisor is free to use as part of the Arm Performance Studio suite of profiling tools for Android.

Note: Arm has released this initial, feature-limited version of Frame Advisor in the latest release of Arm Performance Studio, to enable developers to evaluate it and suggest improvements. For details about what is supported and the current list of known issues, see the Release Note. We welcome your feedback on what you'd like to see in future releases.

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 Module 1  Module 2  Module 3
 1.1 Introduction to mobile systems  2.1 The Mali GPU family  3.1 Introducing Arm Performance Studio 
 1.2 The rendering pipeline  2.2 Best practice principles for mobile game development  3.2 Performance Advisor
 1.3 GPU architecture  2.3 Frame construction  3.3 Streamline
 1.4 Hardware shader cores  2.4 Engine and API best practices  3.4 Graphics Analyzer
   2.5 Content best practices  3.5 Mali Offline Compiler
   2.6 Shaders best practices  3.6 Frame Advisor