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Use Cases

Arm Performance Studio

Performance Profiling for Android Applications

Streamline for Arm Performance Studio analyzes scenes in your game as it runs on an unrooted Android device, and provides you with a performance profile, to help you identify problem areas in your game, and discover opportunities to optimize performance. Work with interactive charts and data to understand how the CPU and GPU workloads are handled by the device.

Arm Development Studio

Performance Profiling for Bare-metal Targets

Streamline for Arm Development Studio supports bare-metal systems and can be used with various RTOSes for performance analysis across everything from the smallest Cortex-M to the biggest Cortex-A based systems. Streamline Bare-metal works by compiling generated agent code that is unique to the system. This code collects relevant performance data from the system for transporting and importing into Streamline. Once complete, users can generate analysis and visualizations in the same way as they would with Linux.

Arm Development Studio

Performance Profiling for Linux Targets

Streamline's CPU-based sampler uses the program counter to show you where your CPU is spending time, from system level down to line by line application source code. Information that isn't relevant to your analysis is filtered out to focus on a certain bottleneck, or inspect the performance of a particular application or thread.

Streamline CLI Tools

Performance profiling for Arm Server Applications

Use Streamline CLI Tools to uncover sources of performance problems on Arm Neoverse systems, linked back to functions in source code or dependencies. Designed for performance-sensitive applications and libraries written in C, C++, Rust, and Go, developers can use the Streamline profiler to optimize database technology, web servers, and interpreter runtimes to optimize performance on the Arm architecture.