Arm University Program for Educators 

To help and assist educators and faculty members to teach the latest technology from Arm and the Arm ecosystem, Arm University Program has developed the Education Kit to provide the full teaching materials in the areas of Electrical, Electronic, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Central to this kit is a full set of teaching materials including power point slides, lab manuals with solutions to professors, quizzes with answers and more, which can be readily used in a typical 10-14 week course. 

Subject to a qualification process and hardware platform availability, the kits are donated free-of-charge to Faculty/Educators worldwide to use in their courses. This typically includes a number of seed hardware kits, licenses for the professional Arm software development tools and the full set of teaching materials. 

Arm University Program Education Kits

Educators can choose to adopt one or more Education Kits from the list below:


Dr. Boris Adryan

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Dr. Boris Adryan, University of Cambridge, uses the Efficient Embedded Systems Design Education Kit to help students at the Cambridge Systems Biology Center understand microcontrollers, with a view to incorporating them into research projects.

Dr. José F. Martínez

Cornell University, USA

José Martínez, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University USA, on how the courseware, the Arm-based hardware and the Keil MDK Pro software development tools inside Arm University Program’s Education Kit on Efficient Embedded System Design helped them to migrate quickly to using Arm in teaching their Embedded Systems course effectively.

Dr. Amit Manthanwar

Imperial University, United Kingdom

Dr. Amit Manthanwar from Imperial University discusses the challenges in introducing microcontrollers to non CS and EE students. By adopting Arm University Program¹s Education Kit, Dr. Manthanwar been able to generate interest and enthusiasm in his students adopting microcontrollers in their projects.