Download development tools including an Instruction Emulator and a dedicated version of Arm Development Studio for the Morello architecture.

Morello Development Tools

Version Arm Development Studio Morello Edition 2020.1M0

Released: October 29, 2020

Linux 64-bit
File: armds-morello-edition-2020-1m0.tgz (508.99 MB)

Release Note for Morello Development Tools Downloads Arm Development Studio Morello Edition 2020.1M0


For the best experience with Arm Development Studio Morello Edition, your hardware and host platform must meet the minimum requirements.

Hardware requirements

To install and use Arm Development Studio Morello Edition, your workstation must have at least:

  • A dual core x86 2GHz processor (or equivalent).
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • Approximately 3GB of hard disk space.

To improve performance, Arm recommends a minimum of 4GB of RAM when you:

  • Debug large images.
  • Use models with large simulated memory maps.
Host platform requirements

Arm Development Studio Morello Edition supports the following host platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Workstation
  • Ubuntu Desktop Edition 16.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Desktop Edition 18.04 LTS

Arm Development Studio Morello Edition only supports 64-bit host platforms.


The release notes contain:

  • A highlight of the tools included in the suite
  • What's included in Morello Edition
  • How to get started with Development Studio
  • How to provide feedback and get support
  • Known limitations in this release

What's included in Development Studio Morello Edition?

Arm Development Studio for Morello combines the professional Arm development environment with extended capabilities to aid the Arm Morello program with architecture exploration and software design. 

Arm Development Studio IDE

Arm Development Studio IDE is a professional software development solution for bare-metal embedded systems. It covers stages in development from boot code, to kernel and driver porting for bare-metal debugging. The Morello Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) and compiler are provided independently, and can be imported to be used in the IDE. Please refer to the Morello program resources page to gain access to the installations binaries.

Arm Debugger

Arm Debugger is a graphical debugger supporting software development on Arm processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP).

Supported Host Platforms

The list of supported host platforms is available online, in the Hardware and host platform requirements section of the Getting Started Guide.

Getting Started

For an in-depth introduction to Development Studio, system requirements and installation instructions, please consult the online Getting started page. A copy of the Getting started guide is also included in your installation of Development Studio and accessible from within the IDE.

You can find tutorials, documentation and videos on the Development Studio Morello Edition welcome page

Feedback & Support

You can raise queries and support issues relating to Development Studio on the Arm Community website.

Noteworthy Issues and Limitations

  • This release of Development Studio includes support to connect to the Morello Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP). Debug configurations for Morello hardware connections will be made accessible when hardware is available.