Download development tools including an Instruction Emulator and a dedicated version of Arm Development Studio for the Morello architecture.

Morello Development Tools

Version Morello Instruction Emulator 1.0

Released: October 29, 2020

Linux 64-bit
File: morelloie-1.0-115.tar.gz (1.67 MB)

Release Note for Morello Development Tools Downloads Morello Instruction Emulator 1.0


Morello Instruction Emulator is an experimental tool for software developers and researchers who are interested in the Morello architecture. It allows running userspace Morello applications on AArch64 Linux systems and includes instrumentation to collect information about Morello runtime events.

Morello IE is released in pre-built binary form and requires the following:

  • AArch64 v8.x hardware (v8.2 or above is recommended)
  • Existing user space environment of a GNU/Linux system (Red Hat 7.x or Ubuntu 18.04).
  • The host system must have Glibc 2.17 or above.

Please note that in this release of Morello IE:

  • Running statically linked Purecap Morello applications is supported.
  • Running statically and dynamically linked Hybrid Morello applications is supported.
  • Linking Purecap applications to a non-Morello C library is supported.
  • Multi-threaded application support is experimental.
  • Morello IE must not be used for running production code.

Please e-mail any questions on