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The IOFPGA provides access to low bandwidth peripherals that the Juno Arm® Development Platform SoC does not provide. The Juno Arm Development Platform SoC provides access to the IOFPGA through an SMC interface.

The following figure shows the internal architecture of the IOFPGA and its connectivity to external peripherals, including the external interrupts to the GIC-400 interrupt controller in the Juno Arm Development Platform SoC.

Figure 2-10 IOFPGA internal architecture

The following table shows the peripherals and buses inside the IOFPGA.

Table 2-4 Peripherals and buses inside the IOFPGA

Peripheral Interface or application Release version
PL031 RTC. r1p0.
PL050 Keyboard and mouse interfaces. r1p0.
PL061 GPIO for additional user key entry and trusted keyboard entry. r1p0.
PL180 User microSD card. r1p0.
SP804 Dual-timer. r2p0.
SP805 Watchdog Timer. r2p0.
PL350 Series SMC Controller. r1p0.
AHB bus - AMBA 3 AHB-Lite Protocol Specification v1.0.
APB bus - AMBA 3 APB Protocol Specification v1.0.


The peripheral versions apply to the Revision B V2M‑Juno motherboard.