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1.2. Benefits of using the IP-XACT standard

The electronics industry uses tools produced by a number of vendors in the design process. Many of these tools use unique and proprietary formats. A standard for description of electronic design information lets developers exchange this information quickly between different design environments. This speeds the design flow and leads to quicker implementation.

The IP-XACT standard provides similar benefits to the debug process. Simple systems can use a single interface with direct access to the processor for debug purposes. Engineers can easily describe such systems to debuggers. However, complex systems can contain many processors and buses, and even their own embedded debug subsystems. Because most debuggers, like design tools, use proprietary formats for design information, correctly describing a complex system to a debugger can be very difficult. A standardized description of a system can save time and minimize errors in the debug process, even if you use debuggers that cannot directly process an IP-XACT description of a system.

ARM provides IP-XACT descriptions of its components to facilitate importing those components into EDA tools and debuggers that support IP-XACT. Broader adoption of the IP-XACT standard throughout the electronics industry permits ARM components to be more easily integrated into designs that contain components from other vendors.

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