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Appendix B. Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table B.1. Issue A
First release.--

Table B.2. Differences between issue A and issue B
Replaced the PL352 component with the PL354 component.Throughout the document.r1p0
Updated references to the board, and board documentation, to Juno r1 and V2M-Juno r1.Throughout the document.r1p0
Added PCIe information.r1p0
Updated Thin Links speed values.Thin Links SoC to FPGA prototyping interface.r1p0
Updated voltage values.Voltage domains.r1p0
Removed SODIMM.ADP motherboard specificationr1p0

Table B.3. Differences between issue B and issue C
Changed the big processor from a Cortex®-A57 processor to a Cortex-A72 processor.

Throughout the document.

Changed the voltage range of the Cortex-A53 processor.Voltage domainsr2p0
Removed references to sockets where items are soldered.ADP motherboard specificationr2p0

Removed the contents of the Software Functional Description chapter and replaced with links to:

  • The ARM® Development Platforms section of the ARM Connected Community website.

  • The Juno ARM® Development Platform Getting Started Guide on the ARM® Infocenter,

Chapter 3 Software Functional Descriptionr2p0