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9.2. Using DHCP

The DHCP application is supplied as a single executable image called dhcp.axf located in the AFSv1_4\Images\Integrator directory. To run use DHCP:

  1. Create a configuration file, see Configuration files.

  2. Set up your DHCP server to use the configuration file.

  3. To get the best performance, set the clock setting to appropriate values for the core module in use. For further details, see Chapter 3 ARM Boot Monitor.

  4. Use the ARM Flash Utility (AFU) to program the dhcp.axf image into flash.

  5. Reset the development board. The boot switcher runs DHCP application. The application:

    1. gets an IP address.

    2. gets the details of the file to download from the DHCP server.

    3. downloads the file using the TFTP protocol.

    4. checks to see if the contents of the file starts with the text string ARMBOOT and, if it does, treats the file as a configuration file.

      If the file does not start with ARMBOOT, it is treated as a plain binary file.

  6. After an image has loaded, use the following steps to debug using Multi-ICE and AXD:

    1. Start the debugger.

    2. Load the debug symbols.

    3. Set the debugger internal variable $top_of_memory to reflect the size of the SDRAM you have fitted.

    4. Enter the start address of the image.