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This connector is the same type of as that used for EXPA. Figure A.3 shows the pin numbers for EXPIM.

Figure A.3. EXPIM connectors pin numbering

EXPIM connectors pin numbering

Table A.3 shows the signals for the interface module for Integrator/LM-XCV2000E or LM-EP20K1000E logic module types.

EXPIM signal descriptions
IM_ABANK[59:0]IM_0BANK[59:0]IM_5BANK[59:0]FPGA input/output pins.
IM_BBANK[53:0]IM_1BANK[53:0]IM_6BANK[53:0]FPGA input/output pins.
EXP[92:85]Not used Not used-
EXP93IM_CLKIM_CLKClock signal from IM-AD1 to the logic module FPGA.
EXP[96:94]Not used Not used-
EXP97VCCO_0VCCO_5Configurable voltage power supply rail. Not used (socket).
EXP98VCCO_0VCCO_5Configurable voltage power supply rail. Not used (socket).
EXP185Not usedNot used-
EXP[189:187]Not usedNot used-
EXP191CLK1_1CLK1_1Clock signal from the CLK1 buffer on the logic module
EXP[196:192]Not usedNot used-
EXP197VCCO-_1VCCO-_6Configurable voltage power supply rail. Not used (socket).
EXP198VCCO-_1VCCO-_6Configurable voltage power supply rail Not used (socket).

For correct operation of the interface module, VCCO_A and VCCO_B must be set to 3.3V. Ensure that the VCCO links are set correctly on the logic module.

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