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2.3. Running the test software

The supplied test program tests each of the interfaces on the IM-AD1. The example logic module configuration must be programmed into the logic module before the test program can be run.


The test software requires various cables to be connected to the IM-AD1, details of these are given in the readme.txt file on the IM-AD1 CD.

To run the test program:

  1. Connect a Multi-ICE unit to the core module.

  2. Power up the Integrator system.

  3. Start the Multi-ICE server and autoconfigure it.

  4. Browse to:

  5. Double-click the selftest.axf file. This starts the ARM debugger and loads the test program.

  6. Check the debugger is configured to use Multi-ICE by selecting Options → Configure Target. If Multi-ICE is not highlighted, select it and click OK.

  7. Click Yes at the Reload last image prompt.

  8. Press the Go button on the debugger to run the test software.

Use the menu in the debugger console window to test individual interfaces or to run all the tests on all interfaces.