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3.2. UART interface

The interface module provides one serial transceiver suitable for use with the PrimeCell UART (PL011) or other similar peripheral. Figure 3.1 shows the architecture of the UART interface.

Figure 3.1. Serial interface

Serial interface

The signals associated with the UART interface are assigned to the EXPIM socket pins as shown in Table 3.1.

Serial interface signal assignment
Signal nameEXPIM connector Description
UART_TXDIM_BBANK41Transmit data
UART_RTSIM_BBANK42Ready to send
UART_DTRIM_BBANK43Data terminal ready
UART_RXDIM_BBANK44Receive data
UART_DCDIM_BBANK45Data carrier detect
UART_DSRIM_BBANK46Data set ready
UART_CTSIM_BBANK47Clear to send
UART_RIIM_BBANK48Ring indicator

The serial interface uses a 9-pin D-type male connector for which the pin numbering is shown in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.2. Serial connector pinout

Serial connector pinout

Table 3.2 shows the signal assignment for the connector.

Serial connector signal assignment
1SER_DCDInputData carrier detect
2SER_RXDInputReceive data
3SER_TXDOutputTransmit data
4SER_DTROutputData terminal ready
6SER_DSRInputData set ready
7SER_RTSOutputReady to send
8SER_CTSInputClear to send
9SER_RIInputRing indicator


The serial interfaces signals operate at RS232 signal levels.

Serial port functionality corresponds to the DTE configuration.