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4.5.4. Optional SDRAM DIMM

You can fit an SDRAM DIMM to the core module as an option. The following type of DIMM is supported:

  • JEDEC r9 compliant

  • 3V3 supply

  • 168 pin PL100.

The design of the core module imposes limitations on the use of a DIMM. These are:

  • the supplied PLD images do not provide a controller for the optional SDRAM DIMM you must implement your own

  • the SSRAM and optional SDRAM DIMM share many of the same interface signals and cannot both be used at the same time

  • the supplied CP and IM-PD1 images use the on-board SSRAM to store a display frame buffer and this precludes the option of fitting an SDRAM DIMM, see SSRAM and SDRAM DIMM interface signals.