DSP for Cortex-R

Advancing DSP for real time

Cortex-R processors' instruction set includes enhanced DSP instructions to support improved execution performance for arithmetic operations.

For the first time, Cortex-R52 also includes the option to implement the Neon extension to accelerate Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) valuable for many efficient DSP operations.

Wide range of DSP and SIMD instructions

All Armv7-R and Armv8-R processors have the capability to provide improved performance through the addition of signed and unsigned operations for multiply, accumulate, and divide operations, as well as support saturated arithmetic.

The Cortex-R52 processor supports additional SIMD instructions through the Neon extension. The accelerator’s powerful 128-bit data path and 32 additional registers supports flexible data types up to 64-bits wide, providing efficient, fast mathematical calculations, valuable for a range of operations. For more information, see Neon.


The hardware capabilities of the Cortex-R processors are supported through the availability of libraries that can be used by developers. Libraries are available for the Neon extension and for instruction set DSP extensions.

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