Learn more about the Scalable Vector Extension with our series of guides. From the fundamentals to more advanced concepts, these guides provide an introduction to the SVE and SVE2 extensions to the Arm Armv8-A architecture. Check back regularly for new guides and resources.

Introduction to SVE2

A short introduction to the Scalable Vector Extension version 2 (SVE2) for the Arm AArch64 architecture.

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SVE and SVE2 assembly optimization examples

This document introduces SVE, describes the SVE and SVE2 instruction set innovations and compiler support, and provides effective programming advice.

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Porting and optimizing applications for SVE

This guide helps you to port your Server or High Performance Computing (HPC) application code to an SVE-enabled Arm platform.

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SVE and Neon compared

This guide summarizes the important differences between coding for the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) and coding for Neon.

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SVE reference material

Other SVE resources


Learn about the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE and SVE2), what the Vector Length Agnostic (VLA) programming approach is, and how SVE can be used in server and HPC computing.

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Arm Instruction Emulator

Arm Instruction Emulator (ArmIE) emulates Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) and SVE2 instructions on AArch64 platforms. ArmIE supports the customized instrumentation of SVE binaries, which enables you to analyze specific aspects of runtime behavior.

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A sneak peek into SVE and VLA programming

An overview of SVE with information on the new registers and the new instructions, the Vector Length Agnostic (VLA) programming technique with some examples.

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Arm SVE and application to Machine Learning

Download this white paper to learn how vector-length-agnostic techniques introduced by SVE can be used to efficiently vectorize General Matrix Multiplication (GEMM) and low precision GEMM (GEMMlowp).

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