The purpose of this set of exercises is to let you try out your knowledge of A64 assembler. It can help consolidate the knowledge that you have gained from other guides in our series, and can help you become familiar with the Arm development tools.

Before you begin

This set of exercises assumes that you are familiar with the A64 instruction set. To learn more about the A64 instruction set, read our Armv8-A Instruction Set Architecture guide.

This set of exercises also assumes that you are familiar, in general, with embedded programming and the C language. The Arm tools that we use in the exercises use GAS syntax for assembler. If you are not familiar with GAS syntax for assembler, see Appendix B.

Detailed instruction and system register descriptions are not included in these exercises. To complete the exercises, refer the A64 and system register descriptions on Arm Developer.

Appendix A contained worked solutions to the exercises. 

Support files

Accompanying these exercises are a set of support files.  These files provide framework projects to get you started.

Tools required

These exercises rely on the Arm Development Studio for compilation tools, debugging, and a simulation platform. If you do not already have a copy of Arm Development Studio, you can download an evaluation copy

You do not need any experience with Arm Development Studio IDE to complete the exercises. If you have used the tools before, you might want to skip the sections that explain the interface for new users.

Note: We wrote these exercises using Arm Development Studio 2019.0. If you are using a later version of the tools, some of the screenshots in these exercises may look different to what you see.