Format conversion

We have seen that the MOV and MVN instructions copy the value from one register to another. Similarly, FMOV can be used to copy between floating-point and general purpose registers.

However, using FMOV copies the literal bit pattern between the registers. There are also instructions that can convert to the closest representation, as this figure shows:


In this example, imagine that X0 contains the value 2 (positive integer 2):

X0 = 0x0000_0000_0000_0002

Then, the following sequence is executed:



Both instructions “copy” X0 into a D register. However, the results are quite different:

D0 = 0x0000_0000_0000_0002 = 9.88131e-324

D1 = 0x4000_0000_0000_0002 = 2.0

The FMOV copied the literal bit pattern, which is a very different value when interpreted as a floating-point value. The SCVTF converted the value in X0 to the closest equivalent in floating-point.

Similarly, FCTxx can be used to convert a floating-point value to its closest integer representation. In this instance, different values of 'xx' control the rounding mode used.

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