Load pair and store pair

So far, we have discussed the load and store of a single register. A64 also has load (LDP) and store pair (STP) instructions.

These pair instructions transfer two registers to and from memory. The first instruction loads [X0] into W3, and loads [X0 + 4] into W7:

LDP	W3, W7, [X0]

This second instruction stores D0 into [X4] and stores D1 to [X4 + 8]:

STP	D0, D1, [X4]		

Load and store pair instructions are often used for pushing, and popping off the stack. This first instruction pushes X0 and X1 onto the stack:

STP	X0, X1, [SP, #-16]!

This second instruction pops X0 and X1 from the stack:

LDP	X0, X1, [SP], #16

Remember that in AArch64 the stack-pointer must be 128-bit aligned.

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