Armv8-A processors provide the ability to set watchpoints on memory values of interest. The behavior and implementation of watchpoints is very similar to hardware breakpoints. A debugger will set watchpoints using some comparators in the debug logic of the core or processor.

When a watchpoint is hit, the debugger will put the core into debug state. Usually, when the core resumes normal execution, the watchpoint will remain until the watchpoint is disabled or removed.

Because they rely on the debug logic, watchpoints can be set on any memory address in any type of memory.

Like hardware breakpoints, the Armv8-A architecture does not specify how many watchpoint comparators are present in an Armv8-A processor implementation. This means that each Armv8-A processor implementation could have a different number of watchpoints comparators available. The reference manual for the core should contain information on how many watchpoint comparators are available. 

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