Coding best practices

As a programmer, there are various ways you can use Neon and SVE technology.

Programming in any high-level language is a tradeoff between the ease of writing code, and the amount of control that you have over the low-level instructions that the compiler outputs.

The different options available for writing code include the following:

  • Neon and SVE-enabled math libraries, such as Arm Performance Libraries.

    Note: An SVE-enabled library is introduced in Arm Compiler for Linux version 19.3+.

  • Auto-vectorization features in your compiler can automatically optimize your code to take advantage of Neon and SVE.
  • Intrinsics are function calls that the compiler replaces with appropriate Neon or SVE instructions. These intrinsics gives you direct access to the exact Neon or SVE instructions you want.

    For a searchable index for Neon intrinsics, see the Neon Intrinsics Reference.

    The SVE intrinsics are defined in the Arm C Language Extensions for SVE specification.

  • For very high performance, hand-coded Neon or SVE assembly code can be an alternative approach for experienced programmers.
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