Can trace capture affect a system?

Except for the power that is consumed by the system trace components, trace is almost entirely non-invasive. This means that performing trace generation and collection does not influence the wider system. There are exceptions to this.

For example, a target might be able to halt the cores or processors when the trace sink capturing the trace source data is full. Halting the cores or processors is an invasive action and does affect the system.

Also, executing instrumentation code might be required to generate output for any ITMs or STMs in the system. This is code that a core would not usually execute and therefore affects the operation of the system.

Using an ETR consumes some bandwidth on the system interconnect. This can affect system performance. Configuring the appropriate Quality-of-Service (QoS), or setting priorities on the system interconnect, can minimize this effect.

If the system that you are working with is sensitive to disturbances, consult your target designer or target documentation to learn how trace might affect your system.

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