Arm ServerReady FAQs

  • What is ServerReady?

    ServerReady is a set of tests that include:

    • Architecture Compliance Suites (ACS) for SBSA and SBBR standards
    • Booting of standard Linux distros
  • What is ServerReady NOT?

    ServerReady is not:

    • Stress testing
    • An identifier of devices in the system that are not supported by the suppliers
    • A replacement for OSV certification programs
  • How do we become ServerReady partners?

    To become a partner, you need to follow the ServerReady compliance process. This involves:

    • Partners running the necessary tests, with Arm helping to debug issues
    • Arm providing on-the-ground support
  • Who will help me become Arm ServerReady?

    We have teams in Taiwan, China, India, the US and the UK who can help you become ServerReady. Please contact us at for more information on joining.

  • Who should get Arm ServerReady Certification?

    The following should consider Arm ServerReady certification:

    • Silicon providers
    • ODMs
    • OEMs
  • Why is it good for the industry?

    The server market is typically horizontal, where no single vendor owns the entire stack from hardware to operating system. Server customers are used to an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience, where they can take the server out of the shipping box and deploy the OS easily. That experience is only possible when a server meets the minimum hardware and firmware requirements.

    Arm ServerReady establishes the minimum hardware and firmware requirements in SBSA and SBBR and provides a test suite in ACS to test the server against the SBSA/SBBR standards. It allows the value chain to buy compliant products that are compatible and interoperable and have a wide range of choice from the global Arm partner ecosystem.

  • Why should I become Arm ServerReady?

    Arm ServerReady is a program designed to ensure Arm servers comply with the minimum hardware and firmware standards. The program gives users confidence that Arm-based servers are compatible, easy to deploy and work straight out of the box.

  • How do I become ServerReady?

    The silicon provider or OEM/ODM gets test logs from the system and submits them to Arm. Arm reviews the logs and either approves them and passes the system, or produces a list of reasons why a system has failed.

    Partners need to read and accept the Arm ServerReady Terms and Conditions.

    Following acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, Arm will share an Arm ServerReady certificate, a list of waivers (where applicable), and a logo set.  Arm can provide support to obtain the test logs from the system.

  • Why do I need to sign Terms and Conditions?

    Accepting the Terms and Conditions is mandatory.

    The terms protect both parties (your company and Arm) and include ServerReady criteria, usage of associated trademarks and logos, confidentiality clauses, limitation of liability, and terms and effect of termination.

    If you need more information on this topic, please contact us directly.

  • Who can sign the Arm ServerReady Terms and Conditions?

    The ServerReady Terms and Conditions state that the individual accepting the agreement warrants that they have the authority to bind their company, that their company understands the terms, and that the individual is accepting the terms on behalf of their company.

    If the individual does not have the authority to bind the company, they should not click accept. Whoever accepts the terms and conditions should be duly authorized by their company to agree on behalf of said company.

  • What marketing materials will I receive from Arm and is there anything else Arm needs from me?

    We will send you a ServerReady certificate and compliance logo set, along with the logo usage guidelines.

    If a partner would like to feature on our website or in any of our future ServerReady marketing collateral, we will request a high-resolution company logo (.ai or .jpg format) and a quote. These may appear in the following places:

  • Where can I use the Arm ServerReady compliance stamp logo?

    If you have passed the Arm ServerReady compliance test, and signed our terms and conditions, you may use the relevant* compliance stamp logo wherever you like, provided it complies with our usage guidelines.

    This includes websites, marketing collateral (press releases, blogs, flyers, white papers, social media), physical design collateral (product stickers, manuals, technical papers).

    If you need more information on this topic, please contact us directly.

    *The relevant ServerReady compliance stamp logo relates to the SBSA level that your system has passed.

  • Are there any other legal documents I need to sign to become ServerReady?

    No. Once you have passed the test criteria, the Terms and Conditions are all we require for a partner to become ServerReady.

  • How many tests are involved?

    One – the Architecture Compliance Suite.

    Find out more on the Developer web page.

  • Is there support for those going through testing?

    Yes. Please contact us if you need support.

  • Which companies are ServerReady and who supports the program?

    To see an up-to-date list of all ServerReady partners and supporters, please visit our partner page.