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CENTRI Technology

CENTRI provides a complete, advanced security solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our flexible, software-only platform enables Thing makers and developers to quickly get to market with purpose-built IoT security to protect their data from chip to cloud. CENTRI eliminates the risk of data theft and delivers device integrity with modern, standards-based technologies for the connected world.

“The best IoT security is the one that is the most elegant and the easiest... like CENTRI.”

Brad Bitterman, Head of R&D and IoT Security, Flex.


CENTRI Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS, is a complete, standards-based security solution designed to enable developers to quickly and easily implement device integrity, data encryption, data optimization and data insight into their products and services. IoTAS is a flexible, software-only platform embedded on endpoints, applications, gateways and the cloud to secure and compress all data in motion and at rest to protect the privacy of you and your customers. IoTAS uses modern encryption, patented cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms resulting in superior security and device performance versus do-it-yourself projects.

CENTRI IoTAS has a footprint as small as 50KB. The solution establishes device integrity using hardware-based ID on initialization between device and the cloud to ensure only known, trusted endpoints can communicate. IoTAS encrypts and optimizes all data simultaneously on or between those connections – endpoint to cloud, endpoint to endpoint or cloud to cloud. User-friendly administrative dashboards provide intelligence and insights to manage devices and access forensics and analytics on all security data. IoTAS supports multiple APIs to connect to other business intelligence systems and back office solutions.



CENTRI features a customer portal open to CENTRI customers and trial developers featuring product updates, documentation, technical resources and full-working trial versions of the IoTAS platform to test prior to purchasing and full implementation. To request access to the portal contact sales@centritechnology.com