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Founded in 2002, Mocana provides mission-critical IoT security solutions for embedded systems, industrial controls and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our proven cybersecurity software goes beyond traditional security approaches by making IoT and ICS devices trustworthy and by enabling secure device-to-cloud communications. Mocana's full-stack platform operates across complex, multi-vendor environments where performance and security are critical to ensuring safety and reliability.

Hundreds of industrial and IoT companies depend on Mocana's military-grade technology to protect millions of IoT devices, controllers and embedded systems.

“Ensuring the trustworthiness of embedded and IoT devices is critical to the safety, reliability and security of our connected world. Our partnership with Arm allows Mocana to ensure compatibility with the vast majority of silicon vendors that are building embedded systems. Together, we are committed to making it easy for developers and device designers to design scalable and secure chip-to-cloud architectures for the next generation of the Internet of Things.”

Dean Weber, CTO, Mocana.


Mocana IoT Solution Platform

The Mocana IoT Solution Platform is an embedded security software solution that enables software developers and device designers to reduce the time to integrate strong security controls into embedded applications. Our software is provided as source code and can be customized and compiled into applications on resource-constrained chips such as microcontroller units (MCUs), single board computers (SBCs) and microprocessors within industrial control, electronics and IoT devices. Mocana’s cybersecurity solution includes a simple set of APIs for Java, C++ and Python.

The Mocana IoT Solution Platform is integrated with a variety of Arm architectures and secure technologies that allow silicon vendors to design and build solutions for OEMs that will interoperate securely with applications.

Mocana benefits

High Performance. With a tiny software footprint, our crypto engine has been optimized for use in processing power and memory-constrained environments. We’ve been providing military-grade security technology for the most demanding, mission-critical applications for over a decade.

Comprehensive Device-to-Cloud Solution. We provide an end-to-end, full-stack solution that enables device manufacturers, service providers and end-users to assure security for IoT devices, services and ecosystems.

Open Source-Free. Our platform contains absolutely no open source code, so you can be confident your intellectual property won’t accidentally become public domain because of open source contamination.

Multi-Vendor. Mocana’s security modules are CPU-architecture and platform independent. The Mocana stack supports more than 70 chipsets and trust anchors and 30 operating systems.

Standards-Based. Mocana uses tested, standards-based protocols that interoperate with X.509 PKI environments using SCEP and EST (RFC 7030). Mocana supports SSL/TLS, SSH, DTLS, multicast, IPsec and 802.11i and EAP.

API and Abstraction Layer. Mocana’s software abstracts the underlying hardware and secure elements, enabling applications to call cryptographic functions through a simple set of APIs. Our OpenSSL-compatibility interface allows customers to replace OpenSSL with a lightweight military-grade crypto library.

EdgeXFoundry (logo).

Open Source Projects

EdgeX Foundry is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation building a common open framework for IoT edge computing. At the heart of the project is an interoperability framework hosted within a full hardware- and OS-agnostic reference software platform to enable an ecosystem of plug-and-play components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions.