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RoweBots is a single-stop supplier of software products and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications in extremely small MCU or MPU-based devices using the UNISON RTOS.

Security is a critical part of all systems being designed today and RoweBots pays special attention to security for devices connected to the IoT or devices involved in M2M communications. Such security must be end-to-end from device to cloud and depends on encryption/decryption that spans that range.  This starts with such things as UNISON’s support of Arm TrustZone technology for storing things like a private key on Arm Cortex-M devices along with its own secure bootloader. That encryption uses standard protocols that include TLS/SSL, IPSec and IP Filtering. It spans the range of usage including email using SMTP and TLS. It includes secure web server communication using HTTP and TLS for HTTPS, SSH or secure shell along with SFTP for secure file transfer. Using UNISON RTOS with its modular architecture allows developers to include the exact mix of functions they need along with a host of proven device drivers and additional wireless communication protocols that can be quickly integrated. This can significantly decrease time to market and product development cost. RoweBots is based in Waterloo, Canada. 

“Since 1987, RoweBots has had its roots in real-time microprocessor software. RoweBots experts and products strive to create empowered, customer-driven teams that are highly flexible and adaptable. The goal is to ensure that customers have precise, timely, accountable, and value-driven communication along with great programming tools for agile embedded system development and model-based programming. RoweBots’ product line, based on its UNISON RTOS is complemented by its consulting work encompassing a range of embedded systems services required to deal with specific research and development issues. Closely matching a rich development environment with specific business goals enables customers to maximize the value-added and capabilities of their organization.”

Kim Rowe, Founder and CEO, RoweBots Limited.


RoweBots provides the UNISON Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for various CPU/MCU series from many vendors. We support the Armv8-M Architecture (Mainline and Baseline) as well as devices Arm Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33. The UNISON RTOS supports Arm TrustZone technology on Cortex-M and provides a secure and non-secure execution area. Additional supported processor families include Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Microchip and more. This also includes support for a wide variety of development tools UNISON itself is a microkernel-based RTOS that is POSIX-compatible, meaning it has an API that is instantly familiar to a very large community of developers. UNISON is also supplied with a variety of functional modules that have been developed for use with this RTOS and can be readily integrated into a specific operating system image that closely fits the application’s needs. For example, different types of file systems can be selected or the developer may select no file system at all. In addition, there is a very wide selection of other functional modules such as motor control, camera interface, motion control, graphical interface support and more.

Beyond that, UNISON provides a wide selection of communication protocols, both wired and wireless. These allow quick configuration of solutions to address the IoT and the different communication scenarios that may arise. In addition to the central UNISON RTOS, RoweBots has developed a number of targeted packages aimed at key application areas. These include the main RTOS with its functional component modules along with a carefully selected suite of communication protocols and drivers for peripherals and sensors to help developers quickly focus on the needs of their specific projects. These include: MedicalOS, VehicleOS, WearableOS and ConsumerOS. For each of these there is also a selection of processor-based prototyping boards.