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Sequitur Labs is a software company developing and commercializing revolutionary technologies to improve embedded device and system security, manageability, and trustworthiness in the connected economy. Sequitur helps device OEMs reduce the cost and complexity of implementing security correctly by providing packaged software as a product. Sequitur’s software leverages advanced, on-chip hardware security technologies to deliver high-value strong security, economical and accessible security solutions. These hardware security technologies include TrustZone (Arm Cortex-A), TrustZone for Armv8-M (Arm Cortex-M). 

Sequitur’s software solutions are critical security enablers for a large, worldwide market of device makers that need strong security but cannot afford the in-house expertise. Sequitur's business approach includes demystifying and driving down the cost of security, simplifying deployment, and messaging the business value of security, such as: 

  • Reducing BoM costs, development costs and time to market
  • Simplifying deployment and standardizing security implementations
  • Reducing development costs by providing packaged security applications addressing most common requirements
  • Protecting revenue by thwarting firmware theft
  • Improving product reliability and reducing liability, and improving device lifecycle management processes

“Embedded device security needs to evolve because PC era practices are not going apply in the post PC era of intelligent devices. We recognize three trends that are occurring – that security is a device lifecycle issue, the emergence of a common set of security needs across connected devices of all types and the failure of software-only based security approaches to securing devices, requiring a mix of hardware and software security. Our solutions sit at the intersection of these issues and represent the next logical step in security.”

Philip Attfield, CEO, Sequitur Labs.


IoT Security suite

A software solution that makes it easy for IoT device OEMs to develop secure and trustworthy products. IoT Security Suite simplifies activation of a secure enclave (domain) which lays the foundation for a strong security architecture. The Suite also provides an ensemble of security applications enabling trusted boot capability, firmware protection, secure storage, trusted authentication and device pairing and secure firmware update.


CoreTEE is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) – essentially a secure OS - required by developers to make use of Arm TrustZone on TrustZone enabled silicon. CoreTEE enables developers to write TEE resident applications known as Trusted Applications. CoreTEE also provides additional functionality related to key management and securing peripherals. CoreTEE currently supports MPUs from Microchip and NXP.


CoreLockr is a software abstraction layer for microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) based devices. It simplifies application development and accessing critical hardware security resources through a suite of APIs. The APIs make it possible for companies to deploy strong security without large investments in training or hiring security experts and consultants. CoreLockr consumes less than 8K of memory and supports low power devices. CoreLockr can be deployed on bare metal or alongside RTOSs such as Nucleus and Contiki.


CoreLockr-TZ is a lightweight service dispatch layer that simplifies accessing security capabilities offered by TrustZone for Armv8-M – Arm’s new secure memory architecture that brings TrustZone capability to MCU based devices. It abstracts complex aspects of the new architecture through a suite of APIs and services simplifying access to resources attached to secure memory regions in the chip.

Solutions Library

For Microprocessors

We provide foundational security solutions for microprocessor and microcontroller-based products. Sequitur’s CoreTEE is a secure OS for Arm TrustZone enabled Arm Cortex-A microprocessors. It enables device manufacturers to make use of TrustZone’s isolation capability and provides services necessary to secure interrupts, functions and peripherals. See

For Microcontrollers

Sequitur also delivers a way to secure microcontroller products based on Arm Cortex-M23 and M33 architectures. Sequitur’s CoreLockr-TZ provides a small footprint middleware layer simplifying access to the new protected memory architecture available on the M23 and M33. See

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