Arm AMBA Generic Flash Bus

The Arm AMBA Generic Flash Bus (AMBA GFB) standard is the latest guidance from Arm for designing Non-Volatile Memory. The specification outlines a new way of developing memory controllers, which allows easy migration between different foundry processes, saving your development resources.

AMBA GFB Specifications

Want to get started? You can check out the AMBA Generic Flash Bus (AMBA GFB) specifications below.



AMBA GFB helps to overcome pain points and barriers for SoC designers, by removing the some of the complexity and development time associated with modifying the flash controller for each design. Find out more about the market need for AMBA GFB and details of the specification in this launch blog.

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Designer’s Guide to GFB Whitepaper

AMBA GFB provides a simple interface between system and flash or other non-volatile storage technology. The Designer’s Guide to GFB whitepaper provides recommendations for designers to adopt and implement the new standard into designs.

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Partner Support

We are excited to share the below list of Arm partners that are already supporting AMBA GFB adoption.

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Cypress- Embedded in Tomorrow (logo).  

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Mentor - A Siemens Business (logo).
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Arm SDK-101

The Arm SDK-101 System Design Kit provides the fundamental elements to design IoT SoCs around a variety of Arm Cortex-M processors. The SDK-101 incorporates the AMBA GFB standard and also includes a number of IP components, including the latest flash controller IP (Arm CoreLink GFC-100 Generic Flash Controller).

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