System Control and Management Interface


The System Control and Management Interface (SCMI) specification describes a set of standard interfaces for power, performance and system management. SCMI is extensible and provides interfaces to access functions which are often implemented in firmware in the System Control Processor (SCP). SCMI currently provides the following interfaces:

  • Discovery and self-description of the interfaces implemented by the platform.
  • Agent-specific resource isolation interfaces for dynamically configuring an SCMI-compliant agent’s access to devices and protocols.
  • Power domain management interfaces to place a given device or domain into the various power-saving states that it supports.
  • Performance management interfaces to control the performance of a domain which, in turn, is composed of compute engines, such as Application Processors (APs), GPUs, or other accelerators.
  • Clock management interfaces to set and enquire rates on platform-managed clocks.
  • Sensor management interfaces to read sensor data and be notified of sensor value changes.
  • Reset management interfaces to reset peripherals or reset domains.

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