Profiling an example application

In this section of the guide, we use the LMbench applications to demonstrate profiling with Streamline. These applications are easy to download and build with -g. With these applications, Streamline can map the source code of the applications. In Profiling an example application, we will download an example application to profile, and learn how to insert markers in the code for Streamline to visualize. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Download an example Linux application:
    $ wget
    $ tar xvfz lmbench-3.0-a9.tgz
    $ cd lmbench-3.0-a9/src
    $ make debug
    This generates executables in the bin/armv7l-linux-gnu directory.
  2. Run the application, using these commands:
    $ cd ..
    $ bin/armv7l-linux-gnu/bw_mem  512M rd
  3. Enable the Streamline capture and run the test.

  4. Stop the test to see the results.

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