Before you begin

To complete this guide, you will need to have Arm Development Studio Gold Edition installed. If you do not have Arm Development Studio, you can download a 30-day free trial.

Arm Development Studio Gold Edition is a professional quality tool chain developed by Arm to accelerate your first steps in Arm software development. It includes both the Arm Compiler 6 toolchain and the FVP_Base_Cortex-A73x2-A53x4 model that are used in this guide. We will use the command-line tools for most of the guide. This means that you will need to configure your environment in order to run Arm Compiler 6 from the command-line.

The individual sections of this guide contain some code examples. These code examples are available to download as a ZIP file:

If you want to use the Arm Development Studio GUI instead of the command line tools, follow the instructions in Arm Development Studio Getting Started Guide, Tutorial: Hello World.

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