Linux and Android debug

For application development on Linux or Android, it is common to use GDB (the GNU Project Debugger) or ADB (Android Debug Bridge). These methods of debug do not make a connection into the lower level CoreSight architecture of a system and instead rely on a server to allow software debug. GDB is integrated into Arm Development Studio.

Arm DDT  (part of Arm Allinea Studio) is a graphical debugger for C/C++/Fortran applications running on Arm servers or Arm systems. It supports all major 64-bit Linux distributions and includes sophisticated memory debugging and highly scalable multi-process debugging.

  • Getting Started provides a complete workflow from installation to debugging your first program with Arm DDT.
  • The DDT User Guide is a detailed manual providing information on various aspects of Arm DDT.
  • The Arm Forge video library provides a number of video tutorials to help you debug with Arm DDT.