This guide describes how to download, license, and install Arm Fast Models, and then run an example system with a simple bare-metal hello world software application.

Arm Fast Models are fast, flexible programmer's view models of Arm IP. Fast Models are used to build virtual prototypes for software development. These prototypes are useful during all phases of a project. Virtual prototypes that are built using Fast Models can evolve incrementally, starting with a basic compute subsystem and growing into a comprehensive model of the target hardware. Fast Models are also a great way to learn the details of software development for the Arm architecture.

Ease of use and flexibility make Fast Models an important tool for software developers. Virtual prototype creators construct system models and provide them to software developers to enable early software development. Fast Models are supported on both Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu) and Windows (7 and 10). The supported operating system versions do change over time so please check the Fast Models page on Arm Developer for the currently supported versions.