Download and install Fast Models for Windows or Linux

In this section of the guide, we will describe the steps that are required to download and install Fast Models for Windows and Linux.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Fast Models page on Arm Developer and the Evaluate buttons for Linux and Windows. The packages that these link to are the complete Fast Models product, there is no functional difference implied by the evaluation label.

    Arm typically releases a new version of Fast Models on a quarterly basis. Each release adds new models, or models for new revisions of existing IP, as they become available. For details on the current release, and release notes for previous releases, visit the Fast Models Release History page.

  2. Extract the downloads using tar on Linux or a program like 7-Zip for extracting zip files on Windows.

  3. Run the on Linux or Setup.exe on Windows. In the download, there is an Installation_Guide.txt with information covering machine, OS, and compiler requirements.

    During the installation, a dialog prompts for the installation location and the location of the license file.

  4. Enter the port@host of the FlexNet server for the location of the license file in the dialog box. The port number is from the SERVER line of the license file and the host is either the IP address or the machine name of the computer that is running the lmgrd. For example, 7010@localhost is for the current computer using port 7010.

    On completion, the Linux installer prints how to set up the shell environment for Fast Models, with slight differences depending on the installation path.
    • For sh/ksh source: <install path>/FastModelsTools_<version>/
    • For csh source: <install path>/FastModelsTools_<version>//source_all.csh
    • Add the appropriate configuration setup to your startup script, for example, ~/.bashrc, so that the environment is set up each time you login.

    • There is no additional setup required for Windows. The environment variables are set automatically.
  5. You can optionally use environment variables to set the license file, if it was not specified during installation.
    • The variable ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE can be used for all Arm products.
    • The variable LM_LICENSE_FILE can be used for all products using FlexNet.
    • Using ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is recommended for Arm products. These environment variables can be set using export (bash), setenv (csh), or in the Windows environment variables dialog.
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