Install Fast Model and Arm Compiler components

In this section you will compile the MPS2+ FVP and route Arm Compiler 6 correctly. Follow these instructions to set up Arm Fast Models to run a simulation using the MPS2+ FVP representing a Cortex-M3 system:

  1. Install Arm Fast Models if you have not done this already.
  2. Navigate to the MPS2+ folder representing the Cortex-M3 version.
  3. Open the project file

    cd /ARM/FastModelsPortfolio_11<version>/examples/LISA/FVP_MPS2/Build_Cortex-M3/

    With the GUI open, you can see the full FVP_MPS2 subsystem.

  4. Click Settings on the top bar.
  5. Uncheck the target SystemC integrated simulator and check the target CADI library.
  6. Click Apply then click Ok to save changes.
  7. Click Save All in the main top bar on the main GUI page, then click Build.

When the build is complete, you see a folder created named for your system type, for example Win64-Release-VC2015. This folder will be pointed to by the Mbed OS tools that we will install in Install Mbed OS components.

Next you will set up Arm Compiler 6 by following these steps.

  1. Download Arm Development Studio, containing Arm Compiler 6, as described in Before you begin.
  2. Install Arm Development Studio on your machine.
  3. Launch the Development Studio IDE. Upon first opening you will be prompted to set up the license to enable the tool. You can also make changes to your license set up at any time using the Arm License Manager within the Help menu.
  4. Select Obtain evaluation license and click on Next to generate an evaluation license. Use the login credentials for th Arm account that you used to download Arm Development Studio. You will be prompted to tie your license to a valid HOSTID, which on Windows can be the MAC address of any enabled networking device on your machine. If installing on Linux, this license, or any node-locked license, must be tied to the device that is identified as precisely eth0.
  5. Add the path to Arm Compiler 6 to your overall PATH environmental variable, so that Mbed OS knows where the compiler executables are. These paths will be located here:

    <path-to-ArmDS-install>/Development Studio

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