This guide is for a system designer, possibly with access to Arm Flexible Access. We assume that you want to develop a System on Chip (SoC) for a secure IoT device, and that you intend the SoC to be used in a smart coffee maker. However, the guide could be relevant for any connected IoT device that provides a basic user interface through a small display. For example, a connected vending machine could present a touchscreen to the user. This type of vending machine could also create and send its own stock orders through its online capabilities.

For purposes of this guide, we assume that you want to take practical steps towards building a system. Taking the coffee machine as an example, the aim is to show you where you can find the required IP, and its related documentation. The aim is not to repeat information but instead to guide you to the correct place to find it and show you how to apply it.

This guide uses IP from Arm Flexible Access. The quickest way to create an SoC solution for a secure IoT device is to use the Corstone-201 foundation IP. Therefore, this guide can also be used if you are getting started with the Corstone-201.