Debugging with the SSE-123

The SSE-123 Integration provides a JTAG interface and a trace port. This debug integration consists of the following IP:

  • M23 Debug Access Port (DAP)
  • M23 Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU)
  • SoC-400 Cross Trigger Interface (CTI)
  • SoC-400 Timestamp Generator

The former two pieces of IP come from the Cortex-M23 IP download. The latter two pieces of IP come from the CoreSight SoC-400 IP, which is a solution for the debug and trace of complex SoCs. The following table describes these pieces of IP:

IP Description
Cortex-M23 DAP Supports the JTAG interface and provides access to the core debug system
Cortex-M23 TPIU Integrates with the Cortex-M23 ETM and supports instruction tracing
SoC-400 CTI Allows events to be broadcast to other components. Events are signaled to the CTI through trigger inputs. Trigger outputs are used to signal events to other components. For example, in the SSE-123 Integration, the CTI triggers the system counter.
SoC-400 Timestamp Generator Generates a debug timestamp value that provides a consistent view of time for multiple debug related IP blocks in an SoC. The Timestamp Generator is a necessary component when the system has enabled debugging with trace.

If you want to have similar capabilities in your SoC, you can render the SSE-123 with the debug option enabled. Then you can examine the rendered RTL and integrate the IP into your own system.

Note: The SoC-400 IP is part of the Corstone-201 Foundation IP, which Arm Flexible Access supplies.

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