Exploring the SSE-123 Example Subsystem

If you have already downloaded the Corstone-201 Foundation IP, you already have access to the SSE-123 Example Subsystem. The SSE-123 is separated into an inner SSE-123 Subsystem and an outer SSE-123 Integration. The integration expands on the subsystem and demonstrates the integration of more Arm IP.

Note: In this section of the guide, we use the term SSE-123 to refer to the entire subsystem.

The IP choices made for the SSE-123 are very similar to the recommendations that we made in How does the IP fit together? The recommendations and the SSE-123 are both based on theoretical knowledge from the PSA.

Caution: The SSE-123 does not contain a CryptoCell-312. Without this component, a system is not compliant with the PSA specification. To achieve compliance, you must add a CryptoCell-312 and then implement One Time Programmable (OTP) memory and a persistent state storage block for the CryptoCell-312. Add a CryptoCell to the subsystem contains more information.

The SSE-123 subsystem shows how to:

  • Use a PPC component
  • Use an MPC component
  • Implement an IDAU
  • Perform a power integration
  • Perform a debug integration

Let's review the features of the SSE-123.

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