Configuring and connecting the ADB-400

The ADB-400 is an asynchronous bridge for two components or systems that are in either a different power domain, different clock domains, or both. An ADB-400 consists of a slave domain and a master domain. The slave domain has a slave interface and the master domain has a master interface.

The system design anticipates that the Cortex-A53 clusters are in a separate power or clock domain to the CCI-500. The design includes an ADB-400 between each Cortex-A53 cluster and the CCI-500. In this SoC, the slave and master interfaces are specified to be ACE. You can configure the ADB-400 slave and master interfaces to use AXI3, AXI4, ACE, and ACE-Lite protocols.

A FIFO buffer is a key part of the logic structure that the ADB-400 uses to bridge between two clock domains. The ADB-400 receives transactions that are clocked with the slave side domain clock. The ADB-400 then releases them in a safe way for the master side domain clock. The depth of the FIFO buffer is configurable.

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