The intended audience for this material is system designers, of any level, or anyone else with an interest in gaining insight into how to choose individual pieces of IP and combine them into a custom SoC.  Power, Performance, and Area (PPA) analysis collects figures relevant to each of the three categories. Along with cost, there is usually a tradeoff to be made between the three points, and when the tradeoff is made successfully, the custom SoC is much more likely to be fit for purpose. Interpreting the data, taking into consideration the context under which the data was obtained, and being aware of the limitations of comparing multiple sets of data are critical skills in this domain. This material aims to tutor you in those skills.    

If your organization has signed up for the Arm Flexible Access program, then this material will enable you to interpret PPA analysis data for all the IP available. For organizations that are not members, it can still provide valuable tutoring on working with PPA data and, depending on the IP you are interested in, take you further towards deciding on which IP to license for your project.

When PPA analysis is performed, the analysis team must make many decisions, which are common to the decisions that are made when an SoC is manufactured. In this sense, the material has a secondary function. If you are interested in the steps taken to move IP selected for an SoC into a fully unified and realized piece of technology, this material can also provide valuable information.