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Options for controlling diagnostics with the other tools

A number of different options control diagnostics with the armasm, armlink, armar, and fromelf tools.

The following options control diagnostics:


armasm only. Uses a shorter form of the diagnostic output. In this form, the original source line is not displayed and the error message text is not wrapped when it is too long to fit on a single line.


Sets the specified diagnostic messages to Error severity.


Sets the specified diagnostic messages to Remark severity.


Specifies the display style for diagnostic messages.


Suppresses the specified diagnostic messages.


Sets the specified diagnostic messages to Warning severity.


Redirects the output of diagnostic messages to the specified file.


armlink only. Enables the display of remark messages (including any messages redesignated to remark severity using --diag_remark).

For example, to downgrade a warning message with the number 1293 to Remark severity, use the following command:

armasm --diag_remark=1293 --cpu=8-A.32...
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