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13.154 SXTB16

Sign extend two bytes.


SXTB16{cond} {Rd}, Rm {,rotation}



is an optional condition code.


is the destination register.


is the register holding the value to extend.


is one of:

ROR #8

Value from Rm isrotated right 8 bits.

ROR #16

Value from Rm isrotated right 16 bits.

ROR #24

Value from Rm isrotated right 24 bits.

If rotation is omitted, norotation is performed.


SXTB16 extends two 8-bit values to two 16-bit values. It does this by:

  1. Rotating the value from Rm right by 0, 8, 16 or 24 bits.

  2. Extracting bits[23:16] and bits[7:0] from the value obtained.

  3. Sign extending to 16 bits each.

Register restrictions

You cannot use PC for any operand.

You can use SP in A32 instructions but this is deprecated. You cannot use SP in T32 instructions.

Condition flags

This instruction does not change the flags.


The 32-bit instruction is available in A32 and T32.

There is no 16-bit version of this instruction in T32.

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