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13.195 WFE

Wait For Event.





is an optional condition code.


This is a hint instruction. It is optional whether this instructionis implemented or not. If this instruction is not implemented, itexecutes as a NOP. The assembler producesa diagnostic message if the instruction executes as a NOP onthe target.

If the Event Register is not set, WFE suspendsexecution until one of the following events occurs:

  • An IRQ interrupt, unless masked by the CPSR I-bit.
  • An FIQ interrupt, unless masked by the CPSR F-bit.
  • An Imprecise Data abort, unless masked by the CPSR A-bit.
  • A Debug Entry request, if Debug is enabled.
  • An Event signaled by another processor using the SEV instruction, or by the current processor using the SEVL instruction.

If the Event Register is set, WFE clearsit and returns immediately.

If WFE is implemented, SEV mustalso be implemented.


This instruction is available in A32 and T32.