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Summary of shared Advanced SIMD andfloating-point instructions

Some instructions are common to Advanced SIMD and floating-point.

The following table shows a summaryof instructions that are common to the Advanced SIMD and floating-pointinstruction sets.

Table 14-2 Summary of shared Advanced SIMD and floating-point instructions

MnemonicBrief description
VLDMLoad multiple
 Load (post-increment and pre-decrement)
VMOVTransfer from one ARM register to a scalar
 Transfer from two ARM registers to either onedouble-precision or two single-precision registers
 Transfer from a scalar to an ARM register
 Transfer from either one double-precision ortwo single-precision registers to two ARM registers
VMRSTransfer from SIMD and floating-point systemregister to ARM register
VMSRTransfer from ARM register to SIMD and floating-pointsystem register
VPOPPop floating-point or SIMD registers from full-descendingstack
VPUSHPush floating-point or SIMD registers to full-descendingstack
VSTMStore multiple
 Store (post-increment and pre-decrement)