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Sets diagnostic messages that have a specific tag to Error severity.



Where tag can be:

  • A diagnostic message number to set to error severity. This is the four-digit number, nnnn, with the tool letter prefix, but without the letter suffix indicating the severity.

  • warning, to treat all warnings as errors.


Diagnostic messages output by the assembler can be identified by a tag in the form of {prefix}number, where the prefix is A.

You can specify more than one tag with this option by separating each tag using a comma. You can specify the optional assembler prefix A before the tag number. If any prefix other than A is included, the message number is ignored.

The following table shows the meaning of the term severity used in the option descriptions:

Table 11-2 Severity of diagnostic messages



Errors indicate violations in the syntacticor semantic rules of assembly language. Assembly continues, butobject code is not generated.


Warnings indicate unusual conditionsin your code that might indicate a problem. Assembly continues,and object code is generated unless any problems with an Error severityare detected.


Remarks indicate common, but not recommended,use of assembly language. These diagnostics are not issued by default.Assembly continues, and object code is generated unless any problemswith an Error severity are detected.

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