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The EXPORTAS directive enables you to export a symbol from the object file, corresponding to a different symbol in the source file.


EXPORTAS symbol1, symbol2



is the symbol name in the source file. symbol1 musthave been defined already. It can be any symbol, including an areaname, a label, or a constant.


is the symbol name you want to appear in the objectfile.

The symbol names are case-sensitive.


Use EXPORTAS to change a symbol inthe object file without having to change every instance in the sourcefile.


    AREA data1, DATA       ; Starts a new area data1.    AREA data2, DATA       ; Starts a new area data2.    EXPORTAS data2, data1  ; The section symbol referred to as data2                           ; appears in the object file string table as EQU  2                      EXPORTAS one, two      ; The symbol 'two' appears in the object    EXPORT one             ; file's symbol table with the value 2.                           

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