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The RLIST (register list) directive gives a name to a set of general-purpose registers in A32/T32 code.


name RLIST {list-of-registers}


is the name to be given to the set of registers. name cannotbe the same as any of the predefined names.
is a comma-delimited list of register names andregister ranges. The register list must be enclosed in braces.


Use RLIST to give a name to a set ofregisters to be transferred by the LDM or STM instructions.

LDM and STM alwaysput the lowest physical register numbers at the lowest address inmemory, regardless of the order they are supplied to the LDM or STM instruction.If you have defined your own symbolic register names it can be lessapparent that a register list is not in increasing register order.

Use the --diag_warning 1206 assembler option toensure that the registers in a register list are supplied in increasingregister order. If registers are not supplied in increasing registerorder, a warning is issued.


Context RLIST   {r0-r6,r8,r10-r12,pc}