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21.67 WHILE and WEND

The WHILE directive starts a sequence of instructions or directives that are to be assembled repeatedly. The sequence is terminated with a WEND directive.


WHILE logical-expression  codeWEND



is an expression that can evaluate to either {TRUE} or {FALSE}.


Use the WHILE directive, together withthe WEND directive, to assemble a sequenceof instructions a number of times. The number of repetitions canbe zero.

You can use IF...ENDIF conditions within WHILE...WEND loops.

WHILE...WEND loops can be nested.


        GBLA count                  ; declare local variablecount   SETA    1                   ; you are not restricted to        WHILE   count <= 4          ; such simple conditionscount   SETA    count+1             ; In this case, this code is            ; code                  ; executed four times            ; code                  ;         WEND

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