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Summary of floating-point instructions

A summary of the floating-point instructions. Not all of these instructions are available in all floating-point versions.

The following table shows a summaryof floating-point instructions that are not available in Advanced SIMD.


Floating-point vector mode is not supported in ARMv8. UseAdvanced SIMD instructions for vector floating-point.

Table 15-1 Summary of floating-point instructions

MnemonicBrief description
VABSAbsolute value
VCVTConvert between single-precision and double-precision
 Convert between floating-point and integer
 Convert between floating-point and fixed-point
 Convert floating-point to integer with directedrounding modes
VCVTB, VCVTTConvert between half-precision and single-precision floating-point
 Convert between half-precision and double-precision
VFMA, VFMSFused multiply accumulate, Fused multiply subtract
VFNMA, VFNMSFused multiply accumulate with negation, Fusedmultiply subtract with negation
VLDM Extension register load multiple
VLDR Extension register load
VMAXNM, VMINNMMaximum, Minimum, consistent with IEEE 754-2008
VMLAMultiply accumulate
VMLSMultiply subtract
VMOVInsert floating-point immediate in single-precisionor double-precision register, or copy one FP register into another FP register of the same width
VMRS Transfer contents from a floating-point system register to an ARM register
VMSR Transfer contents from an ARM register to a floating-point system register
VNMLANegated multiply accumulate
VNMLSNegated multiply subtract
VNMULNegated multiply
VPOP Extension register load multiple
VPUSH Extension register store multiple
VRINTRound to integer
VSQRTSquare Root
VSTM Extension register store multiple
VSTR Extension register store
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