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ARM Compiler armasm User Guide : VMOV (immediate)

VMOV (immediate)

Vector Move.


VMOV{cond}.datatype Qd, #imm

VMOV{cond}.datatype Dd, #imm



is an optional condition code.


must be one of I8, I16, I32, I64, or F32.

Qd or Dd

is the Advanced SIMD register for the result.


is an immediate value of the type specified by datatype. This is replicated to fill the destination register.


VMOV replicates an immediate value in every element of the destination register.

Table 14-7 Available immediate values in VMOV (immediate)

datatype imm
I8 0xXY
I16 0x00XY, 0xXY00
I32 0x000000XY, 0x0000XY00, 0x00XY0000, 0xXY000000
0x0000XYFF, 0x00XYFFFF
I64 byte masks, 0xGGHHJJKKLLMMNNPP a
F32 floating-point numbers b

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Each of 0xGG, 0xHH, 0xJJ, 0xKK, 0xLL, 0xMM, 0xNN, and 0xPP must be either 0x00 or 0xFF.


Any number that can be expressed as +/–n * 2–r, where n and r are integers, 16 <= n <= 31, 0 <= r <= 7.

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